Health Education is a
human right!
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What do we teach


We teach our participants about hygiene, healthy lifestyles and how to prevent and manage chronic lifestyle / infectious diseases.

Most participants complete our 12 compulsory Basic Health Education (BHE) course, which runs for 8 to 10 3 hourly sessions (often once a week). Each attendee who completes the BHE gets a Certificate of Attendance.

The BHE includes many core subjects like Hygiene and Health, Healthy Eating, Healthy Heart, Healthy Lungs etc., designed to suit the learning level of participants. There are also a few workshops that are designed for certain populations, such as Teenage Pregnancy.

Teaching material is designed based on collaboration between the Health Promoters and learning and teaching experts in the field. Each presentation is designed to teach principles of hygiene and healthy living in order to prevent disease. Medical experts also review each presentation.

Leaflets that summarise the content are given to each participant during each workshop.

Where do we teach


All of these activities take place at Health Information Centres (HIC) in the townships of South Africa (though we do go to other places if requested).

These Health Information Centres are often sited in our partners’ buildings. This helps save money as well as promoting interaction and support with other agencies in the area.
Some of our current HIC’s are situated in the townships of Mfuleni, Khayelitsha, Langa, Kayamandi.

Each HIC is sited in a partner’s building, namely Powerchild Campus, Baphumelele Childcare Centre, Langa Sports Centre (City of Cape Town) and The Legacy Centre respectively.

Drop in visitors as well as workshops are attended daily in these HIC’s, from Monday to Fridays, and sometimes on week-ends depending on the demand.

ALL SERVICES in these centres are free.

What we say is what we do.
All our activities are thoroughly documented and can be examined in our administrative office. Eventually, we aim at making them available online too.

For example: All participants give us their personal information, which includes I.D. number, address, phone number etc. Every time they attend a workshop, they sign the Attendance Record Forms. Staff members also co-sign these forms to show that they were teaching.

The Attendance Record Forms are saved carefully, as well as the Curriculum Record Forms (which show what courses of the BHE were completed).

As we taught health education we became aware that our participants, particularly the women and girls, were often abused in many ways, so we developed and piloted GrowStronger! for women. GrowStonger! is a psycho-social programme aimed at helping women grow in maturity, self-care and self-respect. We piloted it in 2017, and it was very well received.

Finally, a Record of each Health Promoters’ work is kept each week, so that one can cross-reference everything.