The South African board has decided to place beautiful pictures of late Dr Robles (our co-founder) with a in memoriam text as a tribute to him, in all the health information centres of the target communities of the Health Promoters. This will be the first step in this direction, which will be continued in the future in all the centres that are yet to be opened. In this way we would be creating a significant reminder to our participants and visitors alike of the person behind this brilliant initiative of health education that the township communities are enjoying today. We have specifically chosen the 8th of October which is Harold’s birthday to start this photo placing process. In addition, the date of 8 October will always remain a memorable day, in which our team as a whole will be conducting celebratory activities for commemoration purposes.

Harold’s name will also be associated with the Golf4 Health and this award was made a few weeks before he passed away. This award will be linked to the Golf4Health Donation Challenge. As with the Roparun in the Netherlands, the teams will be asked to raise money. At Golf4Health we have only added an extra dimension to this and that is that the team can win an experience with a well-known Dutchman. That can be a performance by Lou Prince, workshop by Olga Commandeur or a boat trip with Klaas Wilting through the harbor of Alkmaar and possibly Amsterdam; alle celebretys in the Netherlands. When the Donation Challenge exceeds € 25,000, the individual prize is released and that is for the person who raised the most. For this winner is the Harolds Award, which also includes two tickets to South Africa. There will be a visit to the Health Promoters, you will get a look ‘in the kitchen’ and you can also enjoy the beautiful country of South Africa. By participating in the Golf4Health you can win a unique experience. In this way we connect Harold Robles to our locations and the event that will be organized in the future in Curaçao, South Africa and at several locations in the Netherlands.