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Strategic plans for the future

Strategic plans for the future

In October, the Management  team and Board of Trustees in South Africa met to discuss the future. The management delegation from the Netherlands was also present together with Mr Leslie Fillis, our fundraising advisor in South Africa, and  Mrs. Felicity Jones from the UK who attended online. With this team of dedicated men and women, we see a bright future for the organization. The Covid-19 pandemic paradoxically put us on the map as far as primary healthcare in the local communities is concerned. Evidence is the influx of people of all ages into our centers to obtain health education. The rise in the population of attendees have seen us having at times a waiting list of over 4,000 people. This has tremendously impacted our project in terms of popularity in the townships. With these plans, we see that there is a future toward independence for Health Promoters and we can make the organization viable. 

Below are the Health Promoters focus areas for 2023:

1) Accreditation Certificate
We are currently working on getting accredited by the South Africa Qualification Authority ( SAQA). The task in this process is cumbersome but worthwhile at same time.  Once we have this certificate, we will be seen as an entity involved vocational training by the government. This will open more doors  for us and act as leeway for strategic collaboration, especially with medical clinics and other institutions of healthcare.

2) Scaling up the number of workshops.
4 new personnel will be hired into our staff base to take the daily nitty-gritty administrative duties from the hands of our Senior Health Promoters. This will enable the latter to conduct more workshops than they are currently doing, thereby bringing out a significant upscale of trainees. Our waiting list issue will surely be curbed through this strategy. In addition, two more Senior Health Promoters will be hired from the pool of participants who have completed our course, to fill up the vacancies that currently exist.

3) All certificates will be numbered
All certificates will have a personalized number starting from 2023. Each country will have a code such as “SA” (from South Africa) or “LE” (for Lesotho). The webstie page will publish these numbers with names. A special page will also be created to list the certificate numbers by name. Plans are underway to create a database that will be accessed by employers to check for the authenticity of the certificates that are presented to them during job applications.

4) A small contribution from our clients
For years we have been pondering about ways to get our clients make some kind of contribution towards the course for the purpose of added value,  and have finally arrived at a way to do make that happen. It is interesting because the idea actually came from the clients themselves who felt the need to contribute. This has especially been so, owing to the fact that our certificates now have the propensity to fetch them a job.With scaling up and charging a small fee to our clients, we see the organization becoming viable.

5) Same process for each country
We intend to apply the same processes as mentioned above to all the Health Promoters projects in other parts of the world. For instance, in Lesotho where we have a subsidiary organization, the greenlight has been given to implement the same initiatives. For example , they will also be required to number the certificates. By implication, certificates in that country without a recognized number which can be verified in the website will be considered invalid. This way we know exactly how many certificates are issued worldwide.