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Reverence for Life, the words of Albert Schweitzer

Compiled by Harold E. Robles
Foreword by Roger Gamble, US Ambassador, Retired

Publishing this book has long been the dream of compiler, Harold E. Robles, as from a young age he regarded Albert Schweitzer as his mentor and role model. ‘Selecting the words for this book from Albert Schweitzer’s oeuvre was difficult,’ Harold Robles commented, ‘as so many of his words should be published!’

Maurice Bassett noted: ‘As a publisher, I have to say I am honored to have the opportunity to publish Reverence for Life: The Words of Albert Schweitzer. It’s a rare book which elevates our consciousness by showing us the true value of all life – all living beings – and helps us to step into a more evolved, more compassionate humanity, what humanity can be at its best. I am most grateful to Harold Robles for giving me the opportunity to be of service in releasing this book. It cannot help but to change the lives of those who read it and ultimately change our culture for the better.’

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Reverence for Life will be available soon in hardcover, paperback, eBook and eventually also as audiobook on