Let’s make Health Education a human right! It is the beginning of a better life.

Health Promoters started in South Africa and our head office is also located there. From there we manage Health Promoters International.

The board of Health Promoters International

Mrs. Khutsafalo Malmsey Rangaka


Mrs. Marlene Van der Merwe


Mrs. Honjiswa Conana


Management of Health Promoters International

Mr. George Arrey

CEO and President of Health Promoters

George Arrey is the chief executive officer of Health Promotion South Africa Trust in South Africa. He is a certified senior health promotor. George has a BA in Health Sciences and Social services (Community and Health Psychology) and a BA Hons (Community and health Psychology). He worked as a general trader, community development coordinator and health educator.

Mrs. Chipo Zininga

Programmes Development Officer (PDD)

Chipo has a workexperience as an Educator/HR Specialist and as a Senior educator and schoolmanager. Chipo was born is Zimbabwe, lived in Botswana and lives since a few years in Stellenbosch.

Mrs. Regina Eggink-Stolk

Manager M & C & fundraising/ Executive director of HP Netherlands

Regina lives in the Netherlands where she worked closely for seven years with co-founder Harold Robles. Together they organized various events, such as Golf4Health, Winter concerts and school projects. Regina is in daily contact with George Arrey. She collaborates closely with the Friends of the Health Promoters in the Netherlands and she will do so in the setup of the Caribbean organization.

Ms. Felicity Jones

Fundraising Consult

Felicity supports the Health Promoters with fundraising strategy. Felicity has a lot of experience in applying for grants at various NGOs. She advises the management team and the board of South Africa about growing strategies and how to improve the organization.

Mr. Marcus Teunissen

Advisor for board and directors

dr Timca Bruggink

medical advisor

Senior Health Promoters

Ms Amenda Mfenyana

Senior Health Promoter

Mrs. Vugelwa Mgidi

Senior Health Promoter

Ms Yoliswa Mbombo

Senior Health Promoter

Ms Xoliswa

Assistent Health Promoter

Mrs. Loretta Skeef

Senior Health Promoter

Ms Nokwanda Mashiyl

Senior Health Promoter

Our specialists

Mrs. dr. Rencha van der Berg


Patrick de Leede

Press officer

Mr Hans Hueting


Mr Robert Frans


Our co-founders

Mr. dr h.c. Harold E. Robles (1948-2020)


Harold Robles was cofounder and driving force of the Health Promoters. He was a passionate man, a connector par excellence, convincing and charismatic. Passionately, he spoke about the good work that is done in South African townships. Harold Robles passed away on July 31, 2020. He was 71 years old. He leaves a great void, but his life’s work – the Health Promoters, will be continued.

Mr. dr. Jelle Braaksma


Dr. Jelle Braaksma was a close friend of Harold Robles and together they are the founders of Health Promotion South Africa Trust. Dr Jelle Braaksa is emeritus President of Erasmus Medical school.