Let’s make Health Education a human right! It is the beginning of a better life.

Hilda Makubelo – 50 years: “When people with diarrhoea go to the clinic and don’t have money, I can teach them how to make the mixture for hydration. Also I learnt from the Health Promoters that it is important to have one partner so you not spread HIV.” 

Andiswa Botya – 30 years: ” I live in a communal hall with 50 other people. So I teach everybody how to keep the hall clean. Now we don’t have rats anymore because people clean the house.” #lifechanginghealtheducation

Nothazole Melamare – 34 years: ” I learnt how to prevent children from having diarrhoea, and if they have, how to make a mixture to hydrate them again. I learnt to recognize the signals and to teach the community the same.”  #lifechanginghealtheducation 

Mombulelo Sidubulekana – 29 years: “My father is diabetic, but now I know how to take care of him. He asks me where I learnt it and I tell about Health Promoters. Even when I’m away he calls me sometimes and I can tell him what to do. I feel stronger now because I know about it.” 

Zikhona Maku – 35 years: “HPSA is hope. I learnt about many things – HIV, TB, diet, healthy lifestyle – and that if you go to a doctor, you should always follow up on what he says. Also HIV is a family crisis because no one talks about it. But now there is hope because the Health Promoters are Here. In the community, I’m a light.”  

Zoleka Mbali – 38 years: “I can teach the community about a healthy lifestyle, and how to deal with diseases, thanks to the Health Promoters.”